The Cackling Goose Bakery is for Sale

We started the Cackling Goose Market in 2007 and its' growth and success has been a huge part of our lives for 16 years.  We have met some amazing people and developed some wonderful friendships as we evolved with "the Goose" over the years.

For the sake of all of our loyal customers we want the Cackling Goose to persist and continue to flourish and succeed.  However, for a variety of personal reasons, it is time for a change for us and therefore time for someone new to take over the Goose.

The building in Sackville at 38 York Street where we are located is also for sale and we are calling out to everyone to find the right fit for a new owner for the Cackling Goose.  The business may have to move to a new location, either as a stand-alone Market as it is now, or as a gluten-free Bakery addition to another operating business.

The new owners would have exclusive rights to the Cackling Goose Market name and, of course, the recipes and procedures.  The purchase would also include customer and supplier contacts, inventory and ingredients, and equipment as well as our assistance with initial setup and training to enable a rapid turnaround and a seamless transition for the new owners.

Serious potential buyers please contact us at for more information.

Thanks to everyone who has already reached out with their positive wishes and encouragement.

Amanda & Mark